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Post by Hizashi Hyuuga on Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:16 am

1)I do not mind cussing but please don't do it.We have a limit to the cussing

2)Be respectful to other players


4)Do whatever a Admin or Moderator tells you to do within reason

5)If you have a problem with another member or anyone else please PM me or any Admin or Mod

6) Do not create any thread saying you are leaving

7) No spamming the c box

8 ) I don't mind the sig size but keep it in a reasonable size

9) No flashing Avatars or Signatures

10) Polls must have at least 2 choices.

11) When making your poll, be sure to promote discussion, to back up the choice they made

12)This isn't so much a rule as it is a suggestion, when you use jutsu names if you want them in Japanese(it adds to the experience) just go http://www.freedict.com/onldict/jap.html , just make sure you put the English translation next to it in brackets or something.

13)I suggest that you are current in your manga reading. It will help you in some of the RP boards. If you need a place to catch up in your reading try this site. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/

14)Only criminals such as missin-ninja are permitted to kill other players in any thread. Other ninja must be on a mission or have permission from the owner of the character that will be dieing.

15)There are 5 levels of warnings per member position currently in effect.

1).You will be warned
2).You will be kicked from Chat box
3.)You will be banned from chat box
4)You will have a limit ban from site
5)You will be permanately banned

16)Don't spam if you do there is always a delete button

17).If you have a spoiler to say hide it in the spoiling thing

18.)Do not advertise in chat box

19.)You DO NOT have to post something your opponent would not know about durring a fight. and example would be if you use poison or have a kekkai genkai or any other special characteristic the enemy wouldn't know about you do not need to post it until it would be revealed. however if it is something that would be obvious, like some kind of mutation, that must be posted

20.)Do not bug mods or admins for a promotion if you are Chuunin or higher

21.)You can have 3 accounts as long as 2 stay under genin.It can be chuunin if the genin passes the chuunin exam.

22.) Clan Limits:

Uchiha: 10 Uchiha have get the sharingan once their character is made. Other Uchiha's that join have to RP it out and all. If you get Mangeykou you DO NOT have Itachi's techniques unless you get Mangeykou the same way as he did. You have to have a really good topic on how you get the Mangeykou.

Hyuuga: No Limit

24.Do not make your character OP or a g modder

25)We do not allow demons unless the mods and admin think they deserve them.Also Akatsuki members cannot have demons nor bijuu's


Please use as much as possible in a post and we expect bigger and more detailed posts depending on each rank.

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