Soul Miorashi (Complete)

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Soul Miorashi (Complete)

Post by Soul Miorashi on Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:24 am

Name: Soul Miorashi.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Village: Konohagakure - Fire Country - Leaf Village

Ninja Rank: Chuunin

Clan: Miorashi Clan

Clan History: The clan was founded by Jadarchi Miorashi, who was a good friend of the 2nd hokage, he sparred him a couple of times, they were good friends at a young age, so when the 2nd Hokage died in battle, Jadarchi commited suicide and left his 2 month old son behind, from then on the family tree has continued

Kekkai-Genkai: Lightning Income , A ferocious bolt that could set fire to a small building/hut if used at Chuunin Level.

Clan Information:
Population: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Founder/Creator: N/A


Personality: Rough , but helpful when needed in stressful times, he can sometimes be a brat, but he does try to make friends and have fun most of the time. He is a good guy, but hangs around with the wrong people and he is influenced by them. He then tries to make up for his mistakes.

He likes to hang around people, and the girls dont mind him hanging around them, so he's shy when he talks to girls, as any other normal 20 year old would, but he is married and has 2 children. He is a born fighter but absolutely hates to kill or hurt people. He would rather die than kill a person as he hates doing that.

Elements: Fire, Lightning

Skills/Specialties: Main - Ninjutsu; Sub - Genjutsu

Supplement Information ((No Clan Information)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Name: Sexy Jutsu
Rank: D
Description: Turns hosts' body into an extremely good looking oppisite gender , infactuates opposite genders except host.

Name: Fire Burst Jutsu
Rank: D
Description: A Flare that does little damage , but can do more damage then usual if launched multiple times.

Name: Flare Punch Jutsu
Rank: D
Description: A Punch that lets out low damage , comes from hosts' hand. If used as an explosive , can do more damage.

Name: Fire Burst
Rank: B
Description: One of the fires of the Village Hidden in the leaves, not to be used in evil hands , as it could easily kill some people, just like any other jutsu. The problem with this jutsu is that for it to be this powerful it require about half of your chakra. Therefore at current Soul can only do it at a 4/8th of its true power.

Name: Fireball Jutsu
Rank: C
Description: Fireball jutsu is a fire element jutsu that can go along reels of string and burn an enemy ninja ferociously.

Name: Battle Fire Jutsu
Rank: B
Description: A powerful punch that delivers a pund of fire at each blow. Can be used rapidly and quickly.

Name: Pheonix Flower Jutsu
Rank: B
Description: Soul performs the needed handsigns, while he is doing that he is charging up fire inside his mouth and he spits it out as many many many fireballs, doing much more damage than Fireball Jutsu.

Name: Kamikaze - Hair Wind
Rank: B
Description: Fuuton Ninpou Kamikaze is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. To utilize this technique, Setsuna will first be under the influence of Yomi's evil medically enhanced chakra. This will grant him Wind chakra, which he will use to generate pillars of spinning wind. This wind can be used to help fan the flames of a Fire element attack.

Name: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu
Rank: B
Description: A Jounin level technique, under the teaching of a Jounin, Soul performs this jutsu very neatly and can perform many combinations with the Earth Type technique. Uses a suitable amount of chakra.

History/Background Story: Soul was A Rough-house Boy , Trouble Maker of the class , then met Manamichi Cloykuichi , who turned out to be his best friend , Manamichi was under attack by the invaders of another enemy village. Soul was stuck , all of a sudden , his anger came out and he used his first ever jutsu , Lightning Income Jutsu, from then on , he vowed to be a good kid.

15 years later, he is a fresh, new Chuunin and was one of the best genin in the teams. His sensei said he had a lot of potential and could carefully divide and conquer a problem no doubt. Although he was put under harsh surcumstances, he overcame them and become the youngest chuunin in the Konoha Leaf Village.

Roleplay Sample: Soul woke up one morning, feeling drowsy. He got out of bed and pulled out a bowl, a spoon and a glass. He got a box of cereal and poured some into the bowl, then poured some milk into the bowl. He got some orange juice out of his refrigerator and poured some into his glass. After breakfast, Soul was enthusiastic and ready to train. He set off to the Hokage's Office, feeling refreshed and ready for a new missions. After his meeting finished, Soul decided to wander off to the forest. He tried using his Hakke Rokujuu Yanshou on a tree stump, a technique he was just learning, as he never had wanted to learn it before, and broke the stump broke in half. 'I...I have... I've gotten stronger!' Soul thought proudly, continuing his training. As he continued his training , he was getting more tired and tired every minute, as he was forcing himself to continue training , he could feel he was getting stronger and stronger. He went home and had good nights sleep, ready for another day tomorrow.

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