kyuudou clan((not complete))

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kyuudou clan((not complete))

Post by creation on Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:07 pm

Name:kyuudou((seeking for thruth))
Bloodline Or Kekkei Genkai:bakyaku ((reveal one's true colors))
this unique kekkai-genkai makes a physical maifestation of ones dominant emotion or belief. even their main element has a large say in what their ability is. this being said if the person has a drastic change to themselves theres a chance of their kekkai-genkai changing although theres a bigger chance of them losing the kekkai-genkai altogether.
the kekkai-genkai only begins to unlock when they realize these things from their heart of hearts.the one thing all members have in common is that they use a special kind of ink to help channel and control the energy each ability some of the more experianced members few as they may be can use it without the ink. will be listed below.((remember emotions are the main fuel but still uses chakra))

explanation:the basics are well, the basic form of the kekkai-genkai and basically allow one to manipulate that element and even use any weak B rank jutsu or lower of that respective element without handsigns. the ink tattoos are to show which part of the clan you're from.

main element:FIRE
works best with:courage or passion
description:the members who are under here are passionate and straightforward in what they do not always easily angered but usually blind when they get started.
these members control fire through their breath and have a tattoo of somthing to do with them on their tongue to symbolize their bond with fire. as long as their ink is on their tongue they can breath all kinds of fires without even handsigns.the strength,volume,and even color depends on what kind of emotions and you are using to conjure the fire.

main element:WATER
works best with:creativity or mentle/emotional flexibility
description:these members have their ink tattoo on their lower backs and and use their ever changing emotions like a rushing current alongwith fluid motions almost as if their dancing to control water around them.these members only wear clothes when in a town,city, etc... the volume,speed,color,and control of the water is determined by how fluid by which their emotions and thoughts flow outward into the water.

main element:EARTH
works best with:perserverance or patience
description:these members are the giants of the clan. known for their overwelming strength and endurance.the members in this section have their ink tatto on their chest aswell as they never were shirts as they are seen has a cowards cloth.
women in this section are incredibly rare because of this.
the earth is manipulated through bold and headstrong movements.
this being more basic the amount and control of earth depends on how massive their patience and strength is.

main element:WIND
works best with:spirit
description:these shining hearts of the clan are usually hyper and in their own little world.their ink tattoo is on the back of both their hands.these members like to wear tight clothing like spandex for instance.they pretty much do somthing without even thinking about. the wind is manipulated by fast and rapid motions.the amount,visibility,and control wind depends on how strong their free-will is.

works best with:impulsivness or indescision
description:these "cool" members usually keep to themselves and are easily annoyed but most of them are talented in many areas as a genetic oddity.their ink tatto is located on their forehead.through quick snapping motions the members can manipulate lightening.the amount,color,control,and power of the lightening depends on how instant the attack was.((to help you understand a attack based on all reflex would be strong if you thought it out and waited it would be weak))

explanation:think of this as the second form of the bakyaku. this stage is difficult to get to because one has to truly discover oneself and what truly are their feelings.this is more based off of what you're beliefs and emotions are instead of elements.
((not anyone can join this rank ask me if you think you're ready))

works best with:any of the six sins
description: Demoners are a unique section for they dont really focus on the natural forces that are channeled through life. demoners dont actually have tatoo's for they are more like vessels for demons that best represents them.the older demoners however have been changed into half-demons or demon like beings. a demoner's first demon is what actually wears the tattoo that can be found anywere on its body.
the price and ability for this depends on the kind of demon.

works best with:perserverance or patience
description:These are the far more experianced members of the Earth section who's patience and strength test the limits which test what define human limits.
having a few more seasons under their belt these members can control a much more potent kind of rock,metal.

explanation:the third form of bakyaku.this is practically immposiple to reach only a handful of people have ever made it to this level.the members who reach this level are capable are communing with their sub-conscious and accuratly understand what their feelings are.The amazing thing about this level is that they age more slowly than regular humans once they hit adulthood the rate depends entirely on the person
((I decide if you're worthy of this legendary rank))

Description:This section of the clan have detched themselves from wordly pleasures
and have often been confused for angels because of their skin color. This is because their body's and minds have been attuned to the cosmos. this doesnt mean they dont feel emotion like everyonelse.Unlike the others their entire body is the tattoo which is why their bodies give off a feint glow. Unlike most of the sections movement doesnt play a large roll only on how pure/noble their intentions are with manipulating the light in their endeavors. in additon celestials have been known to be skilled in divination. the speed of aging proccess for these indivduals is 3/5 as fast as what they would have normally.
((this is the Celestial's skin color btw))

description:voids typically have no emotion whats-o-ever, although on occasion the weaker ones will just have no personality and dulled emotions at the price
watered-down abilities meaning the costs are the same but the effects are halved.
a void's skin loses the ability to reflect light therefore it becomes pitch-black and are often confused for demons and sometimes devils. Ironically voids are amazing judges of character and can even tell when your lying, usually anyways.voids having their tattoo on their eyes are blind as a symbol that they have no attachments to the world and therefore sight is pointless.voids focus on no movement for their techniques and can even hear chakra through a special ability of theirs.voids are without a doubt have the longest lives of the group having their aging process reduced by 4/5'ths even though it is argued that they lost their souls in the process.

emotion: compassion or empathy
description: terrestials represent the human condition, wanting to purge the world of evil and wordly suffering basically.their ink tatto covers an enitrie limb and have an amazing ability to change their main element for an enormous amount of chakra. the element stays that element aslong as the terrestial doesnt change it with their ability again. this does not mean they change their first stage merely render its abilities useless the second stage is safe though. terrestials live the shortest lives among the ink masters since their aging process is reduced by 2/5

Controling Elements:depends on the person's main element

Description Of Clan:


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