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Kesshou Soshi

Post by Kesshou on Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:35 pm

Name: Kesshou Soshi

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Village: None

Ninja Rank: Wandering Ninja

Clan: None


Personality: Kesshou is a determined person, and also partly a "lone wolf" so to speak. He doesn't usually rely on others, but does try to make a few good friends to back him up in case of an emergency. He tries not to make any enemies, but doesn't just stand there when badly provoked. All in all, he strives towards his ultimate goal of mastering the unexplored element of Plasma. From all of his studies, he is very smart in battle usually, and can almost always guess how the battle will play out, if he knows all of the stats, which he can easily see by observing someone for a little bit, or reading about someone.

Special Characteristics: Slight control over all elements.

Elements: Mainly Fire and Lightning, but Water, Wind, and Earth are used, too. Trust me, explains in history.

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu



Lightning Plasma: A miniature storm is formed in Kesshou's hands and he can shoot lightning out from it. These travel at a quarter of the normal speed of lightning (about 200,000 feet per second), but are much less powerful. Instead of the normal temperature of 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit they only give out 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. These are inaccurate, however, and can only guaruntee a hit when about 5 feet away. He can shoot of 10 bolts in one use, if he has enough chakra.

Star Plasma: Creates a miniature star is his hands at about 60,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is able to manipulate it through the air. It moves very slowly (probably slower than a baby crawling) but melts through almost everything. It seems to be in between solid and liquid form, so it drags about three feet in the air. He has only got it near the temperature of a white dwarf star.

Nova Bomb: Utilizing the Star Plasma, the user gathers all of it up into a compact ball, then is launched in which ever direction the user chooses, with an invisible chakra string going back to the user that holds the plasma together. The user can cut it at any time and it will make the plasma become unstable and instantly implode, sort of like a Super Nova when a regular star implodes, but it is much smaller, so he called it the Nova Bomb. This attack take a good bit of chakra, and is slow so it is dodged pretty easily, but helps on slow or immobile targets. The blast has about a 3 foot radius and lasts about five seconds, and also multiplies its heat by about 1.5 (about 90000 degrees at his power right now) then quickly decreases to about 100 degrees Celsius, and drops to the ground as a small black orb about 6 inches wide. Everything pulled in is compacted in that black ord of solid plasma.

Elemental Manipulation: This gives him very slight control over all elements. This came from many years of training and developing. He could throw a few stone with this, but just plain throwing it would be so much faster. He can make a remarkable flame, though, since it is his specialty, and he can create a good electrical charge that works through touch.

Elemental Bullet: The user makes a round ball of the element he chooses, which includes plasma, but both forms cost much more chakra than using the other elements, and he launches it of in any direction he chooses. The most of these he can do in succession is five of the normal elements, or maybe two of plasma. The plasma, of course, is much weaker than normal plasma, maybe 1/20 of the normal heat or less.

Elemental Shield: A shield is made around the user of one element, but the user may use chakra to change the element at will. He has been unable to utilize plasma as a shield, because it is beyond his level at controlling plasma currently.


History/Background Story: Kesshou had average parents, both rogue ninjas. The name they gave him was Kanetsu, meaning "heat" for they were fire-based ninjas. They lived outside a town, and worked to survive, but did occasionally have extra money to spend. One summer day, his dad was in a bad mood, and got even worse at work because the increasingly hot day made everything go slower and pile up. He worked on houses with a few others, including his wife, but he worked on the roofing, which made it seem even hotter from being outside and putting down dark tiles.

The others began trying to push him forward because he was going so slow, but that just made him shout and get even angrier. The boss soon came to check on work and he had barely two dozen tiles down, while the rest of the house was nearly complete. His boss began talking to him, but that turned into a shouting contest almost instantly. He and his wife got fired, even though his wife didn't say one word to the boss that entire day, and he tried to attack the boss.

They eventually got chased off, leaving a few scars on their former boss, but nothing serious. However, someone was killed in the cross fire, and it was blamed on them, of course. They forgot about Kesshou, who was back at their house only four years old, and kept running, but soon remembered. They went back to get him and found a house ablaze. He wasn't in this, though, because the villagers held nothing against him and took him in. His parents tried to go in the house to rescue him, but didn't find him. His mother ran into his room, which happened to be above the fire place and had the worst of the fire. His father tried to stop her, but was too late, and she burned to death shortly after. His dad just sat there crying and repeating over and over again, "What have I done?" and died from taking in deep breaths of smoke even before the flames reached him.

Kanetsu was told that they just took off because they couldn't get enough money to support them. He spent many years in misery hoping they would come back, but finally when he was seven he actually forgot them, which was what he had been trying to do. He began studying to fing ways to help the village, because he somehow took an interest to learning new things. He came up with many new ideas and inventions to help out, such as that darker colored things get hotter in the sun than lighter colored things. Although he couldn't explain it, he definitely proved it true. Many things were turned brighter or darker to adjust to the wants and needs of people, such as roof tiles changed lighter made it plenty cooler than what it was with dark tiles.

At age 14, he learned almost everything they could teach him, and traveled to learn more and more. Kanetsu came upon many new discoveries, such as the five elements, and soon found a mysterious element known as Kesshou or "plasma." He found out all he could about the element, and came to call himself Kesshou, for obvious reasons. He learned it had two forms. One was lightning. This required wind, water, and electricity, thus creating a storm, which brings lightning, as well. The other form was in a star. This required earth, water, and fire. It is in between a solid form and a liquid form, but extremely hot. Both of these forms use intense heat, but only the second form requires heat to make, so his parents being fire ninjas did help a bit.

He began traveling to each main village, learning small portions of each element. After many years, he could create lightning, but the "star" form as he refers to it took longer. Finally, he could do the star form when he was 19. A year later he could easily create lightning from his hand, but he was still working on controlling it and making it faster. He also had learned to make a star in his hand just as hot as the one he first made, which was about 10 yards in diameter, and he could manipulate it a bit. Now, at age 22, he can manipulate both pretty good, but they are not significantly hotter, and definitely no were near the temperature of a normal bolt of lightning and especially not near an average star like a sun, but maybe close to a small one like a white dwarf.

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Re: Kesshou Soshi

Post by Hizashi Hyuuga on Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:17 pm

Idc if it explains in history, only 2 elements

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