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Rank Updates

Post by Hizashi Hyuuga on Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:45 am

Medical Nin: Will be chosened and trained by the head medical nin, Mitsuhide Aketchi

Jounin:There will only be 6 Jounin's and those jounins have to be sensei's for Genins.Chuunin's will get promoted to Jounin if the Kage of the village thinks so.6 jounin in each village

Teachers: Only 3-4 teachers allowed in each village.

Chuunin:There are only 9 chuunin's and they have to pass the Chuunin exams to become Chuunin.9 chuunin in each village

Genin:There are 18 genin and they have to pass all the classes in the academy.If a genin doesn't pass a class but the head teacher thinks he is capable of being a genin then that is allowed.

Academy Students:For Tactics there will be 2 assingments every 4 days and when those 4 days are over then there would be 2 more assingments.Then the teacher will give out a test and the AS have 8 days to complete the test.For grammar and detail 3 assingments 1 each week.FFor Battle Practice you will have as many tries as you want but you have to let other people go after you fail (if you failed).For the final test, it includes all of the classes put together in one test if you pass it you graduate if you don't pass it you don't.

S Rank Missing Nins: 4
A Rank Missing Nins: 5
B Rank Missing Nins: 6
C Rank Missing Nins: 7

Akatsuki: 10 members in this group.

Wandering Nin: Only 15 members allowed in this group

Koumouri: Only 10 members allowed in this group

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